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Are You Working On Your Business or In Your Business?

LongSchaefer How To Video #3: Are You Working On Your Business or In Your Business?

In this How-To Video, the Director of Business Development at LongSchaefer, Michael Wolterman, discusses one of the key factors to a successful, growing business. At LongSchaefer we have had a unique opportunity to meet with many different business owners in many different industries. We have found that most business owners who understand the importance of working ON your business instead of IN your business tend to be more successful owners. Read on to learn more about what that means and how your business could benefit or watch the LongSchaefer how-to video with Michael below.

Investing in Your Business

If you are excellent at your craft, you are not necessarily helping your business grow by performing that craft day in and day out. For example, if you are the best landscaper in your area, you’re not going to quickly grow your business by only working on landscaping all day. You will be more capable of servicing a larger area and attracting new clients by hiring employees and training them with your landscaping expertise. Most business owners who understand the value of focusing on their business tend to lead the more successful companies.

Focus on the Big Picture

It can be pretty easy for business owners to micromanage the work their employees do, thinking they can get things done more effectively or efficiently. That may even be true, but good owners understand that time is a limited resource. If you are spending your time doing jobs that other people could be doing you are spending time not improving your business. Becoming bogged down in minutiae is preventing you from being a good business leader. Your job is focusing on the big picture of your business. When you see areas of your business that need improvement, delegate that work so you can be the visionary and troubleshooter that you need to be. Your employees will appreciate the trust you place in them and you will be free to set goals and think about the future.

Delegate Your Accounting With LongSchaefer

Do you have a background in accounting, are you a CPA? Why are you working on your accounting and tax planning? Accounting is a perfect example of a portion of your business that can be outsourced. Time spent working on payroll, taxes, and accounting is time you are not growing your business. LongSchaefer has a staff available from 9-5 and a CPA available for tax planning as well as processing your taxes. Be the boss that is working on your business instead of in your business. Contact us today to speak with one of our expert representatives to discuss your business options with LongSchaefer.

"Each person has their own definition of success, our job is really to figure out what that is and help them achieve that." -Ron Schaefer, CPA/PFS