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Financial Planning for Life Events

Couple financial planning

Life is full of changes and surprises. Good financial planning can ensure that you’re financially prepared when these big changes and surprises happen to you. LongSchaefer has created some helpful guides to assist you in planning for these events. Meeting with a competent, seasoned, independent and licensed professional may help further identify the benefits to pursue and disadvantages to avoid.  Our initial one-hour discovery meetings are complimentary, so schedule yours today.

Financial Planning Guides

Click the links below to be taken to a financial planning guide for each of life’s biggest events:

Getting Married
Becoming a Parent
Preparing for College
Developing a Financial Plan
Dealing with Your Bank
Improving Your Credit
Choosing A Professional
Buying Insurance
Getting a Loan
Planning For Retirement
Buying & Maintaining A Car
Buying & Selling A Home
Planning Your Estate
Making Charitable Contributions
Avoiding Scams
Getting Divorced or Becoming Widowed
Coping with Major Illness
Coping with Death of a Loved One
Improving Your Retirement
Handling Other Situations

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