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Tax Planning

At LongSchaefer, we make it a priority to enhance our knowledge of current tax law, complex tax code, and new tax regulations to help you find ways to minimize taxes throughout the year. With our skills and expertise, we work to ensure that businesses and individuals pay the lowest amount of taxes allowable by law. We go beyond tax compliance and continuously look for ways to reduce your tax liability throughout the year, not just the end of the year.

At LongSchaefer, we find ways to reduce taxes in the following areas:

  • Your income, so you can enjoy more of your earnings
  • Your estate, so your family can enjoy your earnings
  • Your charitable gifts, so you can give more,
  • Your investments, so you can grow your wealth faster
  • Your retirement distributions, so you can retire on time

To make this possible, LongSchaefer implements a variety of tax savings strategies.

Here are just a few of the tax savings strategies we use:

  • Split taxable income among family members or legal entities to get more income in lower tax brackets
  • Review overall financial situation for opportunities to defer tax or create tax-exempt income
  • Shift expenses and income from one year to the next to have them fall at lower tax rates
  • Find tax deductions by structuring your money to pay for the things you enjoy, like vacations

At LongSchaefer, we work for you, not the IRS. Through careful planning and legitimate tax strategies, our clients continuously reduce their tax liability and save more of their assets.

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