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Pro Tips - Individual Retirement Account

LongSchaefer:Pro Tips Video #1

At LongSchaefer, we have three simple values. We want to exude professionalism, have tremendous responsiveness, and provide our clients with the highest quality of service. One of the ways that we do that is by equipping our clients to make better decisions, whether it be for personal or business finances or retirement planning. We don’t make decisions for our clients, we enable our clients to make informed decisions on their own. One way that LongSchaefer has begun helping our clients gain a better understanding of the financial world is to post how-to, pro-tip videos on certain topics. 

LongSchaefer’s Commitment To You

LongSchaefer doesn’t want to be just another financial advisory firm. We want to go above and beyond for the betterment of our clients. As is true in most situations, the most pressing issue is ignorance. People don’t get into financial trouble willingly. They don’t intentionally make bad decisions. They make decisions without having the proper counsel and understanding needed for such determinations. 

At LongSchaefer, we want you to be confident in your financial planning. We don’t want to just advice you, we want to help you grow in your knowledge of the financial sector so that you are educated when it comes time to make a big time commitment. 

Commitment Is Mutually Beneficial 

At times, the misconception of any sort of advisory relationship is that it is a one-sided relationship. One side gives the advice and the other follows. However, as our clients begin to grow in their knowledge of all things financial, this relationship is actually a symbiotic one. Now, rather than simply resorting your money to a savings account like you might have before, you are investing it. You are opening up IRA accounts. 

Reaching a plateau is a good goal to have, but we want our clients to keep growing in their finances, as to ensure that the future is looked out for, not just the present. This can’t be done without an understanding of the markets and of the industry, which is why LongSchaefer is putting out these pro-tip videos. The more our clients are learning, the more their finances are going to grow. 

Come Be A Part Of LongSchaefer Today

For as long as our firm has existed, we have been committed to our values of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. Our one and only interest is in the well being of our clients, but we also realize that for our clients to be successful, they have to be educated and prepared for when big decisions come up. Let us help prepare you. Watch a few of our pro-tip videos or contact us today for more information.