What are the Tax Implications of Buying a Car?

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If you’re buying a car, you should be aware of what it could mean for your taxes. Planning for your taxes is the best way to prevent unwanted surprises and make sure you’re prepared for anything. Today in the LongSchaefer blog, we’ll talk about how buying or leasing a car will affect your taxes.

Sales Tax

The sales tax you pay on your car will be your biggest consideration. When you buy or lease a car, you will have to pay the sales tax when you go to get it registered. This is an expense that many first-time car buyers may not be aware of. Make sure you have enough money set aside when you buy or lease a new car to pay your sales tax as well.

Fortunately, the nice thing about sales tax on a car is you can claim it on your yearly taxes as a deduction. You should be able to claim both your sales tax and your registration fees. If you want these deductions available the next time you file your taxes, you may want to go ahead and get that car you’ve been looking at before December 31st. Waiting until after means you’ll have to claim your deductions on next year’s taxes instead, meaning the benefits aren’t as immediate.

Property Tax

Don’t forget you’ll need to pay your property taxes. Many states assess property tax on vehicles, so you’ll need to make sure to update your form to send into your assessor. You can remove any old cars off the form and add your new car. Forgetting to do this means they may not get an accurate assessment, and your property tax payment will be delayed.

Business Related

If you buy or lease a car for your business, or if you’re self-employed, you may be able to write off operating costs of the vehicle. This could include gas, repairs, and more. This is something you’ll want to run by a tax advisor because this can get fairly complicated. Luckily, you can always bring your taxes to the advisors at LongSchaefer. We’ll be happy to help you with your taxes, no matter how complicated they might be.

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